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DevOps Infrastruktur Experte (m/w/d)

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Softwareentwickler 9 C#/.NET (m/w/d)

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Softwareentwickler 8 C#/.NET (m/w/d)

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//Berlin (remote)

Softwareentwickler 7 C#/.NET (m/w/d)

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//Berlin (remote)

Softwareentwickler 6 C#/.NET (m/w/d)

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Softwareentwickler 5 C#/.NET (m/w/d)

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Softwareentwickler 3 C#/.NET (m/w/d)

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Softwareentwickler 2 C#/.NET (m/w/d)

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//Berlin (remote)

Softwareentwickler 1 C#/.NET (m/w/d)

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Softwareentwickler 4 C#/.NET (m/w/d)

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System Administrator (m/w/d)

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COBOL Entwickler (m/w/d)

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Benefit from excellent growth opportunities and exciting projects with impact!

exciting IT projects
Highly exciting
IT projects

Benefit from highly exciting IT projects and drive the IT world forward together with agile teams.

Valuable impact


Develop solutions for our customers
that take them into the next era.

Rapid growth


Our flat hierarchies: The springboard
to grow beyond your limits.

Working for GOD gives you more - namely many benefits.
Flexible working hours
Family - work
Job Bike
Fleet vehicles
Team lunch
Social and health care
GOD credit card
Internal training
Employer-funded pension
Team events
Food and drinks
Gaming accessories

Management without sense and reason, but according to time clock and scheme F? Not at GOD - we have core hours when everyone is in the office. Before and after you can flexibly adapt the working hours to your needs.

We maintain a friendly and trusting working atmosphere - but we do not confuse this form of work-life balance with our own family.

Sustainable cycling to work - that is obvious at GOD. Because we are based in Northern Germany.

Priority to sustainability: Our fleet vehicles ensure employee mobility when a customer appointment is due.

Eating together means performing better. We invite our employees to joint lunch meetings. Enjoy the company of your colleagues while you enjoy your meal.

Health care and help when things are not going well - GOD wants you to be fit and healthy.

This is available exclusively for GOD employees and it is automatically recharged every month.

Completely logical: The sooner you approach it, the better the results. GOD thrives on motivated minds and updated know-how. That is why it is important to us to make it easier for all employees to access new knowledge.

Looking to the future - with a stable company pension scheme for colleagues.

Whoever said IT people were “introverted” didn't know about GOD team building events.

Eating and drinking not only keep body and soul together, but also the brain at peak performance. That's why there is room for breaks at GOD. Free soft drinks are also included.

Are you a system theorist and action adventure practitioner all in one? Is your boss your adversary after work? GOD gamer goodies take the evening to the next bonus level!

This Benefits are primary available in Braunschweig, Berlin and München.


Less Buzzword.
More Bingo.

We are experts in problem-solving, committed to create changes that work. To do this, we at GOD value honest, fair and direct internal communications.

Let’s be clear here – not everything is perfect all the time. That is why we are always improving ourselves.

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//Office life
office life

Do IT with


GOD has more to offer than just satisfying work in interesting projects. Managers make every effort to ensure the atmosphere in the offices balances a highly professional environment with friendly relations within teams and between them.

That is why we regularly organize interesting and non-standard integration meetings, occasional parties, and events integrating employees across our locations.
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//Recruitment process

What happens to your application

We currently run our recruitment process fully remotely.
We check your CV
We carefully read every CV we receive. If you meet our requirements, we call you to learn more about your skills and needs.
We check your qualifications
After talking on the phone, it’s time for the technical part of recruitment, during which we can ask you to complete the task related to your position. We always provide feedback after this meeting.
We make an appointment
The next stage is a meeting in one of our offices or online. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the team and work culture from the person who manages the department and/or Spyrosoft partner.
You get the answer
At GOD Nearshore, we contact every person who was taking part in recruitment process. If we accept your candidacy, we will also send you a list of the next steps.

Join us and transform the IT market with us

GOD received a ”Top Employer in Medium Companies”
honour from Yourfirm.de in 2021.