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Our Brand Story

Driving IT in the age of change

Digitalization has radically changed our lives.
And this is just the beginning

Change or die
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or die

Digital transformation is unkind to those who wait or hesitate. Enterprises and IT systems will radically change – or simply fade away.

But while some fear disruption, others just feel the attraction. Because, when transformation gets thrown your curve, bold code will cut out your way. 
It can take you from tessellation to transformation. From ‘slow and complex’ to ‘swift and agile’. That’s why GOD sees digital transformation as a privilege. 

Why? Because it shakes up the old routine and breaks up yesterday’s business models. So, where others 
may stumble over disruption, GOD just rethinks the source code.

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Approaching singularity
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Human history is full of examples of new and groundbreaking technologies that completely changed people’s lives way beyond anyone’s expectation.

The increase in information (and technological processing speed) is exponential – and it will create limitless new possibilities, chances and challenges alike. And it doesn’t stop here: exponential growth will eventually lead to singularity – a point in which the newly created knowledge (and business models) will supersede all previous human intelligence. What happens then is beyond any realistic prediction – in the same way, that no one can envision, what lies behind a black hole.

The only thing that’s safe to say about singularity: In order to make this transition successful, corporations need to start mapping out their route to the future right now. And GOD will be a part of this process – with joyful appreciation.

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//Why do we do what we do?
//What’s our source code?

Source code

//Our vision

Everywhere in the world, every corporation will face fundamental technological challenges.

In the future, they should seek the answers from us.

GOD left

//source code

.Bullshit {
.Bingo {
god {
bullshit = 0;
bingo 100;

GOD right

//Our way

In times of fundamental social, technological and economic transformation, we will not tell our clients what they want to hear – but instead, what they need to hear to be successful.

We’re leading the digital change by designing digital experiences, services and solutions that create a bold future for our clients, and ourselves.

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